Careful When Data Recovery From Hard Drive To Another Device


Let’s start today’s comic with the end: “Always have more than one copy of your important files.” If the protagonist of our story had applied this moral, we would have nothing to tell, because he probably would not have brought a damaged hard drive to our data recovery center.

But it is already known that there is not always a backup… or maybe it does exist but it’s not up to date… or bad luck is concentrated: the copy disc and the original fail at the same time! That’s why, in case you want to take your files from one hard drive to another, our recommendation is: “Don’t move your files, copy them!”

This advice may seem exaggerated to those who are in favor of moving files from one drive to another, to avoid the work of manually deleting the originals. In any case, we believe that telling our experience can be useful; from there, let everyone decide what level of security they want to apply when managing their files.

After seeing the variety of issues that end up requiring Data Recovery, we believe it is much wiser to copy files to their new destination rather than move them. Once copied, we can check if the copying process has worked correctly. Only then – and always counting on the fact that we will also have made a backup – will it be safe to delete the original files.

Data Recovery

Also keep in mind that if the target disk is external, it is much more exposed to accidents. And of course, for a hit to cause data loss, it doesn’t necessarily have to be as catastrophic as our comic book ball.

Possibilities of Data Recovery :

“How could it have been spoiled by falling from such a small distance?”, some customers tell us strangely when they request data recovery, while explaining that the damaged disk “only” traveled one or two centimeters before the blow. Yes, any fall, no matter how small, can seriously affect the hard drive, especially if it is in operation and the heads rub against the magnetic plates while they rotate at full speed.

In fact, in the real case that inspired this comic, the external hard drive to which the files had been moved was quite damaged and only partial recovery would be possible. Fortunately, the customer had been careful not to perform any other operations with the original disk erased. Thanks to this measure, the Youtube data was intact on the physical support of the disk, and in the laboratory it was possible to recover all the files.

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