Best Practices To Protect Your Data Recovery


Social networks, messaging, Cloud: you scatter your Data Recovery in different places on the Internet, and these can be the target of unscrupulous people. To prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, we give you 6 methods to secure your Data Recovery online.

This is the most obvious gateway to your confidential Data Recovery stored online! It is highly recommended to make your passwords more complex to make it hard to crack. How ? By lengthening your password (with a minimum of 8 characters) and mixing the different types of characters.

You can then use a password vault , to keep all of this in one secure place. It is strongly recommended not to use the same password everywhere. In the event of a data leak on a website or an online store, a malicious person could use the username and password discovered to connect to other platforms.

More and more online services offer it: strong authentication is carried out in two stages, which reinforces the protection of access to the Twitter Data that may be stored there. In addition to the classic identification by username and password, there is a second step which requires sending a code by SMS or email. Security against identity theft.

To make a folder or an entire partition unreadable, it is possible to use encryption (encryption). Windows, for example, includes an encryption utility that provides a decryption key to users authorized to access protected data. But there are many other encryption software, such as Axecrypt, CCrypt or MEO.

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