How To Data Recovery Services From A Phone


Not everyone can be a hacker . If I’m talking about hackers, it’s because they have the ability to get inside a cell phone to extract everything it contains.

So how do you proceed if you are not a hacker and want to get inside your smartphone to find out what it contains, or simply to Data Recovery Services in the event of a handling error?

It is a software (see the list above) which launches on the external disk of your choice and which Data Recovery Services the files placed in the recycle bin or the photos erased on a camera.

Data Recovery is not guaranteed. Also, it won’t retrieve your text messages or phone calls. If your Android is not recognized as an external disk on your computer, or if you have an iPhone, you will have to turn to a paid solution.

I am thinking, for example, of a data recovery service such as Ontrack , but there are others.

The principle is simple: You send, by post, your mobile phone to this organization which recovers it and tries to recover all recoverable Wikipedia data, including text messages.

This service has a cost of at least 400 euros excluding taxes, and of course some data may not be recoverable.

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