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Disaster Data Recovery involves a set and procedures or policies to enable the continuation or recovery of important technology systems and infrastructure following human action or natural disaster. We at Storage craft offer data recovery and free backups.

Disasters can be classified into two broad categories:

● Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.
● Man-made disasters like hazardous material spills, bio-terrorism, disastrous IT bugs and infrastructure.

Storage Craft Shadow Protect Desktop :

Storage Craft Shadow Protect® Desktop software provides reliable, fast disaster recovery and backups as well as Data Recovery protection for workstations of windows. Regardless of whether you’re a small firm, large enterprise or somewhere in between.

Shadow Protect Desktop is 1 part of the Recovery solution of Storage craft. This Recovery solution provides you with the services and products necessary to recover your business data. Shadow Protect Desktop software is used to create sector-level backup images of a disk drive. These images contain Data Recovery of your operating systems, configuration settings, applications and services hence when you need to backup everything it just takes minutes rather hours.

Data Recovery

Include desktops and laptops in your disaster recovery planning :

Shadow Protect Desktop not only provides full backups of computer drives but also features flexible options of recovery that enable employees to get up running very quickly after a disaster. When system failure or Data Recovery loss occurs, Shadow Protect lets you:

● Restore to different or same machine in minutes
● Access individual folders and Data Recovery files in seconds

You can also schedule Shadow Protect to constantly take incremental backup images as they record changes after the last backup image. It works in background so you won’t even notice it working.

Scenarios for which businesses or companies use Shadow Protect Desktop:

● Restoring to the same hardware after a virus causes a computer crash
● Testing your business’s or companies’ disaster recovery plan
● Switching to new Windows laptops or desktops
● Recovering Linkedin Data Recovery such as folders or files

The Backup Wizard enables you to:

● Capture everything—applications, configuration settings, systems, services, data.
● Encrypt backup images to safely protect data and files
● Save backups to any disk device
● Back up a non-bootable system before restoring operation

The Explore Backup Wizard, Restore Wizard, Storage Craft Hardware Independent Restore technology and Storage Craft Virtual Boot technology, let you:

● Restore a system to the virtual environments or different or same hardware.
● Perform a metal restore in minutes or seconds.
● Quickly restore access to a server that manages a Data Recovery by mounting or putting a point-in-time backup image.

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